Make Your Own Elephant Finger Puppet


Get ready for our upcoming show "The Junlge Book: The Story of Mowgli's Fire," with this cute elephant finger puppet project!

"The Jungle Book: The Story of Mowgli's Fire" by The Frisch Marionettes 

Wednesday July 30 - Saturday August 2, 10:30am & 1pm

Make your own elephant finger puppet in under 15 minutes. Recommended for children ages 4 and up, with adult supervision. Once finished, you and your new elephant friend can go on safari adventures through the jungle!


  • Elephant Finger Puppet Template
  • Coloring utensils (crayons, markers, etc.)
  • Scissors and/or craft knife


  1. Print out the Elephant Finger Puppet template HERE.

     2.  Color in the elephant.

     3. Cut out the elephant and the circle where the trunk would be.

     4.  Stick your finger through the hole to make the trunk. 

image (1).jpg

     5. Now you can be creative, make your own set pieces and put on your own shows in the jungle!