Celebrate World Day of Puppetry at Puppet Showplace Theater!

What? You didn't know there was a whole DAY dedicated to puppetry? Well there is! The National Day of Puppetry is also the WORLD Puppetry Day, on Saturday, March 21st! And boy have we got a lot planned for you....

FIRST UP: Nappy's Puppets presents "Shadows Around the World", part of our 40th Anniversary Puppets Around the World Series!

Thursday, March 19th @ 10:30am
Friday, March 20th @ 10:30am
Saturday, March 21st @ 1pm & 3pm
Sunday, March 22nd @ 1pm & 3pm


Show Description:
Travel the world with shadows, stories and songs! For thousands of years, people have manipulated puppets, and one of the oldest and most wonderful puppetry styles is shadow puppetry. In this fun and interactive show, you'll meet everyone from elegant Chinese Emperors to the topsy-turvy Turkish trickster Karagoz, all with the hilarious Jim Napolitano as your guide! Audiences of all ages will enjoy this fun opportunity to experience world cultures and history, learn about traditional storytelling, all while witnessing the exciting evolution of shadow puppetry as an art form.

About the Performer:
Jim Napolitano, a.k.a. 'Uncle Nappy,' is a Connecticut native and one of America’s most-loved shadow puppeteers. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Puppet Arts program, and has taught puppetry to students of all ages throughout New England. For over 20 years Nappy’s Puppets has toured nationally to theatres, festivals, libraries, and museums, delighting audiences of all ages with quality shadow theatre productions.
Jim has also worked extensively as a freelance artist and puppeteer. As a member of Bits and Pieces Puppet Theatre he performed musicals with giant puppets across the country and around the world, including at the National Cultural Center in Japan and the National Theatre in Taiwan. His television credits include Between the Lions, The Book of Pooh, and segments for Nickelodeon, Scholastic Home Video, and HBO Pictures. He currently resides in Connecticut with his two young children.

Recommended for everyone ages 4 and up. Lots of mini-stories, interactivity, and humor mixed with educational content.

And, as if we won't be having enough fun already on Saturday, we are throwing another incredible Puppet SLAM that evening at 8pm! Come on down for all the adult-only fun, laughter, and creativity from some of the best puppeteers around. Each SLAM is unique and they always sell out, so get your tickets early so you don't miss out!!

Puppet SLAM: International Edition- March 21st, 2015
Every other month Puppet Showplace Theater stays open late to present the region’s finest puppetry acts...for adults! In honor of the World Day of Puppetry, the March puppet slam features performances inspired by stories and puppetry styles from across the globe, including globe-trotting shadow puppeteer Jim Napolitano. Live music, cash bar. Funding made possible in part by the Puppet Slam Network, check them out at www.puppetslam.com



The Puppeteers of America and UNIMA-USA are helping us celebrate this special day even more! Check out their write up on some of our festivities!

Coming up next: Continuing our Puppets Around the World Series with "Tiger Tales" by Chinese Theatre Works, and then "Peter Rabbit Tales" by Tuckers' Tales! Stay tuned...