Meet the Artist: Paul Vincent Davis

"Clown Circus" is not only a great show, but its creation must also be attributed to a veteran in the art of puppetry, Paul Vincent Davis! Puppet Showplace Theater owes much of its tradition and unique performances to this great puppeteer. Having received many awards in his lifetime, Paul Vincent Davis accomplished his goals of spreading his passion and love for puppets all over the nation. This Saturday you will able able to see one of his productions, which is filled with fun, music, and excitement! Be sure to watch it for it will be a show you will never forget!

Clown Circus
Saturday Aug 22
10:30am and 1:00pm

Paul Vincent Davis  is one of America's foremost glove puppeteers.

Paul Vincent Davis is one of America's foremost glove puppeteers.

Master puppeteer Paul Vincent Davis is widely  recognized as one of America's foremost glove puppeteers. For over 30 years he served as Artist in Residence at Puppet Showplace Theater where he and founder Mary Churchill worked tirelessly to establish a home for puppetry in New England. Paul created over a dozen full-length puppetry productions and received five prestigious UNIMA Citations of Excellence for his work. Paul was also honored with the President's Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Puppeteers of America. Now retired from
performing, Davis remains active as a teacher and mentor in the New England puppetry community. Paul currently resides in Brookline Village, where he recently celebrated Puppet Showplace Theater's 40th anniversary and his own 80th birthday.