DIY Puppet Crafts: Pinocchio Puppet!

Get ready for our current show, Pinocchio, by National Marionette Theater by making your own Pinocchio puppet!

by National Marionette Theatre
July 8th-11th @ 10:30 am and 1 pm, Friday July 10th @ 7pm

Make your own Pinocchio puppet, recommended for ages 6 and up!

Pinocchio template
Coloring Utensils
Hole Puncher
Brass Fasteners



1. Print out Pinocchio template.

2.  Using coloring utensils, color in the arms, legs, and body.

3. Cut out arms, legs, and body of Pinocchio puppet.

4. Using a hole puncher, punch out holes in the black circles of the arms, legs, and body.

5. Align the holes of the arms and legs with the holes of the body and place brass fasteners through the holes, fastening the limbs to the body. (Make sure the limbs are behind the body, and the ends of the fasteners are on the back side.

6. Use the hole puncher to punch holes above each arm and leg.

7. Cut off a long piece of string and tie a knot on each arm hole from step 6. (Do the same for each leg hole).

8.Cut off another piece of string and tie it to the strings attaching the arms and legs, leaving the end of this final string hanging downward.

9. Put on your own puppet show! :)