Meet the Artists: Dream Tale Puppets

"Jack and the Beanstalk"

Beans, beans, magical beans! Watch as Jack ascends the bean stalk and meets a host of fun and friendly characters on his journey. Using numerous styles of puppetry, Dream Tale Puppets puts a fresh twist on this classic tale that you won't want to miss. VIEW CALENDAR

Saturday, Sept. 17 and Sunday, Sept. 18 @ 1:00PM and 3:00PM

About the Show:

When Jack sells the family cow for three magic beans, he launches his family on a rags-to-riches adventure! This joyous and imaginative production transports audiences up the beanstalk and into the land of giants using every style of puppet character, from masks to marionettes. Lively narration, beautiful design, and hilarious physical comedy make this a memorable show for audiences of all ages. BUY TICKETS HERE

About the Artists:

Dream Tale Puppets offers quality original puppetry performances for children and families, and theatrical and educational programs for all ages. The theater is dedicated to the study of both traditional and innovative styles of puppetry, and the richness of theatrical and literary cultures of the world.

Jacek Zuzanski, Dream Tale Puppets’ founder, grew up in Poland and studied theater and puppetry in Wroclaw before coming to the US in 2001. Since then, he has worked as a theatre teacher for Island Theater Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, and cooperated with numerous schools, art organizations, and libraries, including the Cape Cod Children’s Museum, Cape Cod Conservatory, Falmouth Academy, and Polish Theater Institute.

Margaret Moody - puppeteer and voice actress, loves old stories and the characters that inhabit them. She studied traditional Taiwanese puppetry with the I Wan Jan Troupe in Taiwan, and often uses its lively choreography and small puppets in presentations of Chinese and European folktales. Working with the actors and large puppets of Dream Tales Puppets is an exciting new direction for Margaret!

A Note from the Director: 

Dream Tale Puppets is a growing ensemble of artists and theatre and puppetry enthusiasts. We offer our shows to children and families and we develop projects to share our explorations with new participants. We define who we are every time we work together and every time we meet our audiences or project participants. We believe in the value of asking questions, as children do, and in inquisitive creativity found in children’s play. By emulating the creative improvisations of children’s play, we learn traditional theatrical languages and we create new languages. We cross boundaries between styles, cultures, mediums, and poetics; we venture beyond the boundaries of what we know. We enjoy doubt and a lack of words to express wonderment of what we see and feel. We share the adventure of wandering through lands of enchantment and mystery, humor and whimsy, joy and amazement. We follow fairy tales and children’s rhymes toward the beginning of every question, and we question characters we meet. We discover ourselves anew everyday and we have a lot of fun, which we joyfully share with our audiences.