Adult Classes: Summer 2016

This summer, Puppet Showplace Theater will be hosting a slew of fun and informative classes for adults. Classes cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from sock puppet making to using puppetry for social change!

Classes start July 10th. Sign up today!

Puppet Showplace offers creative classes for all levels of puppeteers and, as a early childhood educator and vaudevillian performer, I’ve found inspiration through the professional puppeteers guiding them. I would recommend the Puppet Showplace classes to anyone looking for innovative programming in puppetry and performance.
— Harry Lacoste

Fundamentals of Silly Voices

Sunday July 10, 2-5:30pm

Discover all of the exciting characters hiding within your own vocal cords! The class will make connections between voice, character, and storytelling. Then, we’ll make unique characters come alive using multiple styles of puppetry and object theater.

$50 ($35 for Puppets at Night members)

Split Personality: Sharing the Stage with Your Puppet

Tuesday July 12 & Wednesday July 13, 6:30-8:30pm

Using physical theater games and partner exercises, we’ll explore how to divide your inner attention between performer and puppeteer and how to generate new material for stage without words.

$75 ($60 for Puppets at Night members). Includes 1 free ticket to “Lollipops for Breakfast!”

Comic Gold: Discover the Clown in You

Sunday July 17, 2-5:30pm

Want to discover what makes YOU uniquely funny? Then get ready to crank your comedy up a notch in this fun and challenging workshop! In improvised solo scenes and short puppet vignettes, we’ll explore how to channel your innate sense of honesty, playfulness, and vulnerability into compelling comedic performance.

$50 ($35 for Puppets at Night members)

Puppetry in the Classroom

Sunday July 31, 2-5:30pm

Puppetry is a powerful tool for engaging the imagination! This hands-on workshop will explore how to introduce professional puppetry techniques into pre- and elementary school classrooms. Using readily available craft materials, participants will create puppet characters in different styles and learn how to bring them to life.

$75 ($60 for Puppets at Night members)

Puppetry for Social Change

Tuesday Aug 2 - Thursday Aug 4, 6:30-9:30pm and Saturday Aug 6, 2:30-7:30pm

Discover your potential to reach hearts and minds through meaningful, socially impactful puppet theater. Drawing on the instructor’s decades of experience working in the developing world, participants will work as an ensemble to create table-top scenes that communicate political, social, or public health messages.

Cost: $230. Register by July 16: $205. Puppets at Night Members save 15%.

Kaleidoscope: Women's Mask Ensemble

Year long class with seasonal intensives. Overnight summer session: Saturday Aug 20, 9pm-5am

Explore female identity through the seasons with the art of the mask as your guide. In an all night session, participants will experience the white neutral mask as a tool for self-discovery, non-verbal communication, and “being in the moment.” We’ll learn techniques and aesthetics of mask perfor-
mance in a positive, collaborative, and nurturing setting. $75 ($60 members).

$250 for 4 sessions ($200 members)

Sock Puppet Pro!

Saturday Aug 27 & Sunday Aug 28, 3-6pm

Are you ready to make the most awesome sock puppets ever? Together we’ll learn how to trans-
form simple socks into stunningly awesome characters and bring them to life on stage and screen. Everyone will go home with their own original puppet!

$75 + $15 materials fee (due in class to the instructor). $60 +$15 (Puppets at Night Members).