Make Your Own Octopus Shadow Puppet!


In just 3 simple steps, learn how to create a beautiful shadow puppet of your very own, inspired by the shadow octopus in our latest show!


"The Pirate, the Princess, and the Pea" by Crabgrass Puppet Theater

Wednesday, August 10 - Saturday, August 13 @ 10:30AM and 1PM

What You'll Need:

Black Cardstock


Hole Punch


Bamboo Spear

Brass Fasteners

Tape (not pictured here)


1. Draw your octopus shape on a sheet of black card stock with pencil. Draw the 4 bottom tentacles connected to the body. Draw the other four tentacles separately so you can attach them later, as these will be the movable ones. Cut these all out.

2. Use a hole punch to punch two holes in the sides of the octopus, as well as holes on the ends of the tentacles that will be connected to the body. Also punch out two holes for eyes. Then secure the "arm" tentacles onto the body using two brass fasteners. Now  your octopus has arms that can move!

3. Tape the bamboo spear, or whatever stick you're using, to the back of your shadow puppet. The finished product will look like this. Now you have your very own shadow puppet that can move its arms! Puppet away!