Make Your Own Alien Peeper!

DIY Puppet Crafts

Inspired by our upcoming performance  "Stories from Outer Space",  these alien peepers are a fun twist on a simple form of finger puppet that is super easy to make!


"Stories from Outer Space" with Sparky's Puppets

Saturday, August 20th at 10:30AM and 1:00PM


What You'll Need:

Googly Eyes

Bendy Straws



Fabric Glue (Ordinary Glue will work as well)

Pipe Cleaners 

Foam Shapes




1. Take a pipe cleaner and bend it around your middle finger like a ring. Twist that middle portion into a loop, and with the remaining pieces, twist them into two more loops to make a place for the eyes of your peeper.

2. Using tacky/craft glue, rim each eye loop you made with glue. Stick two large foam circles on.

3. Cut out the bendy part from two bendy straws for antennae. Glue this to the back center of your peeper's head. We recommend holding down for 15 seconds to be sure that they stick.

4. Youcan also glue feathers to the back of your peeper's head for hair. Lastly, stick on googly eyes so your alien can see!

5. Place the bottom loop around your middle finger to make your alien come to life! Feel free to customize your peeper whichever way you want. With a little imagination, the sky is the limit (or is it?) What stories will you tell with your new alien friend?