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We are soooo excited for our Carnival of Wonders Gala event coming up on June, 2nd! There's going to be delicious food provided by The Fireplace,  puppetry performances, live music, and lots of amazing carnival fare!  Rebecca Shultzberg,  Board Trustee and Gala Committee Chair, is particularly passionate about one of our  fundraising initiatives: the Mary Churchill Memorial Fund (MCMF).

School funded by the MCMF with CactusHead Puppets, Jan 2015

School funded by the MCMF with CactusHead Puppets, Jan 2015

Named after the founder of Puppet Showplace Theater, the MCMF raises money to bring over 1,000 students from low-income backgrounds to the theater by providing them free or subsidized tickets.  Mary Churchill was a performer, administrator, and educator who saw puppetry as a beautiful way to stimulate kids’ creativity. This memorial fund allows for all kids, regardless of their socio-economic background, to engage with the world of puppetry and live-performance art. 

Dear Friends,

The warming temperatures have my family dreaming about summer nights!  We are especially looking forward to June 2nd, when Puppet Showplace will celebrate the beginning of our 41st season. All proceeds help fund the future of our fantastic arts organization! 

Carnival of Wonders, our family-friendly fundraiser, will feature puppet stages and carnival fare spread throughout the grounds of the George H. Wightman Mansion in Brookline, MA. A silent auction, tantalizing food and special surprises guarantee a night of wonder and amazement!

One of the fundraising initiatives for this event is the Mary Churchill Memorial Fund which provides opportunities for underserved children to attend performances at the theater. An average of 1,000 students a year attend shows at Puppet Showplace by using this fund. The fund is made possible by contributions from generous patrons, members, donors and Gala attendees.

Mark your calendars and join my family in supporting this worthy fund. See you at the Gala!

Rebecca and her family.

Rebecca and her family.

Rebecca Shultzberg
Board Trustee and Gala Committee Chair


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