Bella's Summer Adventures: The Deep Blue Sea

Greetings, monster fans!

Bella here, and I've got a great week planned for us! Get ready to dive into a week of underwater discovery.

First on the agenda, is seeing The Great Red Ball Rescue by Faye Dupras at Puppet Showplace Theater. This is a beautiful show about a little boy who embarks on an epic ocean adventure in search of his favorite red ball. 

Red alert! A family trip to the beach goes awry when a young boy's favorite red ball gets whisked away by the tides. Can he summon the courage to get it back? Join Jasper, a timid kid with a big imagination, as he sets out on an adventure across the ocean, under the waves, and up into the clouds. Along the way, he meets fantastical fortune tellers, thieving fishermen, and many mysterious creatures of the deep. Will he ever reclaim his favorite Red Ball from the clutches of the sea? Find out in this visually stunning production featuring multiple styles of puppetry, an original score, and lots of sea-faring fun!

“The Great Red Ball Rescue” was funded in part by a 2014 Jim Henson Foundation Family Grant.

July 22 at 10:30am & 1pm
July 23 at 10:30am & 1pm
July 24 at 10:30am, 1pm & *7pm
July 25 at 10:30am & 1pm

*Join us for our NEW Friday Night Adventures performance, and meet the artist after the show!

More Ocean Adventures!!

Then, after the show I'm heading over to the New England Aquarium to learn even more about the ocean! The New England Aquarium has a huge variety of aquatic creatures from penguins to plankton. I'm so excited to see whats under the sea! 

ENTER TO WIN! And the best part about this week is that you can join me at the aquarium! We're giving away passes for you to go on your own aquatic adventures. Find out how to enter to win aquarium passes by following us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook

Alright guys, I'm signing off-- I've got a long week ahead! 

Sea you later,