Make Your Own Monkey Mask!

DIY Puppet Crafts

Looking for a quick, easy, and fun way to have your own monkey adventures? Make your very own DIY monkey mask in just a few simple steps!

"Help Save the Monkey" by Brave Bucket Co. Wed-Sat, July 20-23 @ 10:30am and 1:00pm

Our intern, Shona, posing with the monkey mask she made.

Our intern, Shona, posing with the monkey mask she made.

What You'll Need:

1 paper plate

brown paint

1 tan/light brown colored pencil

1 paintbrush



1 glue stick

1 popsicle stick (we used a bamboo stick)

1 black marker


1. Use the pencil to draw a rounded heart shape on your plate. Then draw 2 semi-circles (ears) and an oval (mouth) within that shape. Carefully cut these pieces out.

2. Paint the paper plate brown, as well as the edges of the ears. Then color the inside of the ears and muzzle light brown with the colored pencil.

3. Glue the muzzle to the front of the plate. Then glue the ears onto the back on either side.

4. Using the black marker, draw on the nose and mouth. Tape the popsicle (or bamboo) stick to the bottom of the back of the mask. Voila!

Now you can create and act out your own version of "Help Save the Monkey," starring YOU!