Goodbye to Brenda and Bella!

Dear Puppet Showplace Friends,

During the last six and a half years as a staff member at Puppet Showplace, I managed marketing and outreach campaigns, developed curriculum for education programs, and created and performed an interactive show for very young children with Brookline's favorite pink and furry puppet, Bella Monster. It is with equal sadness and excitement that I announce my departure as a core staff member of the theater, as my last day will be Friday, July 29.

Puppet Showplace has been an essential playground for artistic exploration and professional growth for me as the Communications Director, teaching artist and puppeteer. After finishing an M.A. in theater education from Emerson College, I continued my studies at Puppet Showplace in 2010 taking many puppetry building and performances classes in muppet style puppetry, shadow puppetry, giant puppets, and more. Puppet Showplace is an incredibly unique organization, and I am so grateful for the many connections and friendships I have made with our touring artists, business partners, cultural partners, and patrons.

Starting this August, I will join Creative Arts in Reading, MA as the Director of Education and Outreach to develop and manage theater, music, and visual arts education programming for all ages. In the fall, I will join the Urban College of Boston as an adjunct faculty member teaching arts integrated curriculum to pre-school teachers. Working in higher education and managing arts education programs are long-time dreams of mine, and I am so excited to move on to the next chapter of my career in the arts.

Although Bella Monster and I will not be continuing weekly "Puppet Playtime" performances at Puppet Showplace, our show will still be available for birthday parties and tours!

I invite you to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, or through email at You can also find my stage directing portfolio at if you happen to be a puppet AND opera fan. (I have heard there are a lot of those!) Please feel free to stop by the theater during open hours this last week to say good bye to me and Bella, and share memories. 

Best wishes,

Brenda Huggins
Communications Director, Puppet Showplace