Make Your Own Fairy tale Puppets

DIY Puppet Crafts!

Join us for the last week of our 40th Anniversary: Fall Fairy Tale Festival with these awesome fairy tale characters designed by Puppet Showplace Resident Artist, Brad Shur. Now you can create your own fairy tale adventures!

ON STAGE NOW: "Little Red Rosie and the Dragon of Dümm" by Sea Beast Puppet Company. Sat & Sun, October 18 & 19 at 1pm & 3pm.


  • Fairytale template (available at Puppet Showplace) or white card stock to design your own Fairytale puppets.

  • Coloring utensils (markers, crayons, etc.)

  • Scissors/ craft knife


     1. Obtain the Fairytale template or draw your own creative Fairytale finger puppets!

    2. Color in each puppet.

    3. Cut along the dotted lines on the template in order to cut out the puppets. If you are not               using the template, cut out your finger puppets. 

    4. Cut out the two holes on the template for your fingers. If you are not using the template, cut         two finger-sized holes at the bottom of your finger puppets. 

    5. Put on your own puppet show and reenact classic fairytales with your new characters!