Bella's Summer Adventures: Swans!

Hi friends!

Can you believe its August already? My Summer Adventure's are almost over but it's okay because these last few weeks are going to be the best yet! This week I'm seeing The Swan at Puppet Showplace Theater which I just know is going to be fabulous!

The Swan is a beautiful show that uses no words-just two hands and some really intricate and stunning puppets.

The Swan by Le Théâtre de Deux Mains

Wednesday 8/5 @ 10:30am and 1pm
Thursday 8/6 @ 10:30am and 1pm
Friday 8/7 @ 10:30am, 1pm, and 7pm
Saturday 8/8 @ 10:30am and 1pm


Based on "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen, "The Swan" tells the story of a lost little bird looking for its parents. A fisherman comes across a single egg in a pond. Suddenly, two little feet come popping out of the egg and begin waddling toward the nearest henhouse. A chicken, chicks, ducks, and owls… none of these birds look anything like him. He wanders over to a puddle to look at his own reflection hoping for an idea about his origins. He follows the clues he finds and overcomes obstacles to meet his true family. This stunningly beautiful non-verbal show features multiple styles of puppetry, breathtaking scenery, and delightful original music. A perfect choice for our youngest audiences!

And then, after I see the show I'm heading out to the beautiful Boston Public Garden to take a ride one one of the traditional Swan Boats! Established in 1877, Boston has been giving rides to locals and tourists alike through the Public Garden in the Spring and Summer. They're one of Boston's most recognizable features and they're SUPER FUN! The Public Garden is really amazing, and hopefully I'll see you there.

I love the Boston Public Garden!

I love the Boston Public Garden!

This week we are giving away free tickets to a Swan Boat ride for the entire family! Follow us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook to find out how to win tickets!

I'm ducking out.

See you soon!